Who are Our Members

The criteria for qualification for membership include the following guidelines:

(a) Five years of transport management experience approved by the Institute

(b) Professional academic or technical qualifications accepted by the Institute as being of an appropriate standard

(c) The application of a transport solution or idea in a relevant sector of the transport industry that benefits the users of transport products or services.


An associate member is one whose level and length of management experience does not quite fully meet the criteria for full membership. However, once granted an associate membership, an individual may automatically qualify for full membership after 12 months.


An affiliate grade of membership is awarded to those who may not have direct experience of management in the transport industry but may be involved or have had some involvement with the industry at an indirect level.


This is the senior grade of the Institute. It is open to members or non-members of the Institute who have made an outstanding contribution to the transport industry by implementing a major improvement or innovation in the fields of technology, operations, finance or marketing.