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What also became apparent from our research is that, the key to long-term improvement and future success for Europe's Maritime industry is the need for co-operation with industry partners, the sharing of practical experiences and the use of technology in a standardized and integrated manner. Because of the high operating costs, increased competitiveness and the uncertainty surrounding industry in general at present, the industry needs to employ effective solutions, which will reduce time-wasting, lessen potential costs and maintain high on-time performance and customer service.

Columbia Shipmanagement is ITM's International Ship Management Company 2011
With the globalisation of the marine industry, shipping is facing the challenges of growth through consolidation and increased competition.
Yacht a Win!
Providing bespoke yacht logistics on time, within budget and to an impeccable standard is no easy feat and it is for this reason that the Institute of Transport Management has named Peters & May Ltd “Best Yacht Logistics Company 2011”.
Port of Tyne is ITM's European Port of the Year 2011
The Institute of Transport Management has awarded the Port of Tyne with the title "European Port of the Year 2011" accreditation.
Port of Tyne - Global Port Operator 2010 Award
Birmingham 20th January 2010… The Institute of Transport Management (ITM) is delighted to announce that the Port of Tyne is being presented with the ‘Global Port Operator 2010’ Award. This follows an extensive research campaign by the Institute’s accreditation team and the careful deliberation of the Awards Committee. By accrediting the Port of Tyne with this Award the Institute intends to highlight the excellent work of the Port in assisting the shipping industry and the UK economy as a whole. The Port of Tyne has enjoyed prior success with the Awards programme, winning titles such as ‘European Port of the Year 2009’.
Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd - ‘International Ship Management Company 2010’ Award
Birmingham 16th December 2009 – The shipping industry carries more than 90 percent of world trade and in the UK contributes £1.45 million to the economy every hour, around £5.7 billion to the overall balance of payments. Despite its productivity – or perhaps because of a healthy degree of competition – the shipping sector presents operators with a myriad of challenges. Indeed, the difficult economic climate internationally has led to operators having to attempt to bring costs down while still trying to generate business...
Port of Tyne wins 'European Port of the Year 2009' Award
Birmingham 7th July 2009 - The Awards Committee at the Institute of Transport Management has announced its decision to award the Port of Tyne with the ‘European Port of the Year 2009’ accreditation. The decision to accredit the Port of Tyne with this award, for the third year in succession, follows an intensive research and selection process and is in recognition of the company’s ongoing investment in facilities which streamline operations and improve workflow, reducing operating costs for users of the Port whilst maintaining margins.
Port of Tyne - 'European Port of the Year 2007/8’
Commenting on the award, Mr. Patrick Sheedy, Media & PR Director of the Institute, said: “We are delighted to be honouring Port of Tyne in recognition of their innovative development strategy, which has seen this Port go from strength to strength. By diversifying their service offering through the development of container volumes and warehousing and distribution services, they have succeeded in giving their customers more choice and flexibility and in turn increasing their own revenues. Port of Tyne streamlined their strategy to exploit their core competencies and while taking into account the market’s dynamic nature. In an Industry as dynamic as Transport market responsiveness like this deserves to be applauded.”
Inchcape Shipping Services - Global Marine Management Company 2006
Inchcape Shipping Services has been awarded ITM's 'Global Marine Management Company 2006' accreditation. In announcing the award, Mr Patrick Sheedy, Media & PR Director for the Institute said: "The decision to accredit ISS with this award, follows an intensive research and selection process and is in recognition of the company’s web-based applications, which provide users with the knowledge, and technological imprimatur to ensure optimal commercial performance."
Virginia Port Authority - Best US Intermodal Facility 2005
The Institute of Transport Management has awarded the Virginia Port Authority with our 'Best US Intermodal facility 2005' accreditation. The award is granted on the basis of an extensive 2-year research programme conducted by the Institute’s research team, which set out to establish the most progressive regions for transport investment and infrastructure.
Port of Rotterdam - European Port of the Year 2005
The Port of Rotterdam has been awarded the ITM 'European Port of the Year 2005' accreditation following intensive research. This award regognises Rotterdam's continued investment in new facilities to streamline operations and improve workflow to reduce operating costs for users of the port, whilst maintaining margins.