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Port of Tyne - 'European Port of the Year 2007/8’

By definition, a Port can be classed as, a place where goods and people arrive or leave the country by sea. However over time a Port's many tasks have grown much more complex then this core function. Just as the areas they serve vary, so to do ports themselves. The UK port industry itself is the largest in Europe, handling almost 600 million tonnes of freight in 2004. Thus it is in the U.K.'s national interest that our ports maintain their capability in the current UK trade and their potential development efficiently and sustainably.

After extensive research into the maritime industry the Institute found Port of Tyne to be the most progressive UK Port in its quest for development and strategic enhancement of the port. Over the past decade, the Port of Tyne has developed its organisation with significant success through expansion and diversification into previously untapped niches of its business. They have been committed to a comprehensive strategic development plan which saw over £90m has being invested in to new facilities, both infrastructure and equipment, with a further £12m committed for 2007. Studies also suggest that suggests the port contributes £450m gross value added (GVA) revenue into the region's economy each year and supports over 7,500 full-time jobs in associated businesses.  These factors were influential in determining the Institute decision to present Port of Tyne with the accolade the "European Port of the year” Award.

Commenting on the award, Mr. Patrick Sheedy, Media & PR Director of the Institute said: “We are delighted to be honouring Port of Tyne in recognition of their innovative development strategy, which has seen this Port go from strength to strength. By diversifying their service offering through the development of container volumes and warehousing and distribution services, they have succeeded in giving their customers more choice and flexibility and in turn increasing their own revenues. Port of Tyne streamlined their strategy to exploit their core competencies and while taking into account their Market’s dynamic nature. In an Industry as dynamic as Transport market responsiveness like this deserves to be applauded.”

“Finally, it only remains for me to congratulate all at Port of Tyne as a deserving winner of this of 'European Port of the year 2007’ and wish them continued success in the future,” he concludes.


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For more information please visit the Port of Tyne website.