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Port of Rotterdam - European Port of the Year 2005

The Port of Rotterdam has been awarded the ITM 'European Port of the Year 2005' accreditation following intensive research. This award regognises Rotterdam's continued investment in new facilities to streamline operations and improve workflow to reduce operating costs for users of the port, whilst maintaining margins.

In presenting the Institute of Transport Management's research report on the Marine industry, Mr Patrick Sheedy, Media & PR Director for the Institute, said: "It came as no surprise to us when our research concluded that customers want hassle free Marine services; shipping companies want to offer better service to their customers; ports want better and more efficient use of their facilities; customs and immigration want improved controls and more efficient use of their resources; and governments want an efficient transport system and protection of the public. And they all want to cut costs."

Continuing, Mr. Sheedy said: “What also became apparent from our research is that, the key to long-term improvement and future success for Europe's Maratime industry is the need for co-operation with industry partners, the sharing of practical experiences and the use of technology in a standardised and integrated manner. Because of the high operating costs, increased competitiveness and the uncertainty surrounding industry in general at present, the industry needs to employ effective solutions, which will reduce time-wasting, lessen potential costs and maintain high on-time performance and customer service.

“Cognitive of all these factors, the Awards Committee were keen to bestow this award to a Port which demonstrated a commitment to move with the changing times. It was apparent from our research that the Port of Rotterdam is constantly seeking to raising its standards, improve its facilities, and expand its business. The Port's proactive approach was succinctly underlined in the port’s 'Havenplan 2020 report’ where it laid out its vision for the future and a mission statement to consolidate its position as Europe’s largest cargo and container port." 

The Port of Rotterdam, which covers around 10,500 hectares, can be described as a global service provider and is the world’s biggest seaport. It aims to assist and encourage successful business within the port and in doing so to create a positive economic climate for all involved. The port offers direct employment to over 250,000 people throughout the country, both directly and indirectly and contributes significantly to the Dutch National Gross product figure.

The Port and its industrial centre extend for 40 km, running all the way from the city centre to the North Sea. Ships with very deep draughts of 24 metres can access the port making it a very important location for Europe’s import and export markets. The efficient and quality services provided at the Port of Rotterdam means that within 24 hours cargo to be distributed to over 350 million consumers. In terms of its cargo, Rotterdam deals with almost as much tonnage as the combined amount taken in by Europe’s second, third and fourth ports. 

In conclusion Mr Sheedy said: “There are many reasons why the port has been so successful in securing so much traffic. It is very accessible, provides swift turnaround times and has outstanding hinterland connections. In awarding the Port of Rotterdam with this accreditation we are paying tribute to one of the busiest and most influential ports in Europe."