Columbia Shipmanagement Wins For Third Year in a Row

Shipping is the lifeblood of the global economy. 90 percent of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry; there are over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. The world fleet is registered in over 150 nations, and manned by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality. However, uncertain economic conditions and increased competition means that good ship management is more necessary than ever.

Those companies that are efficient, innovative and versatile are the ones that are most sought after and it is for this reason that the Institute of Transport Management has named Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd ‚ÄúInternational Ship Management Company 2012‚ÄĚ for the third year in a row.

Founded in Cyprus in 1978, Columbia has built up a reputation for efficient ship management with an emphasis on safety and environmentally-friendly strategies.  It operates a young and diversified fleet that consists of product/chemical tankers, crude oil tankers, container vessels, bulk carriers, passenger vessels and liquid petroleum gas tankers.

It offers a range of services to its customers, such as its full management services, which include everything from qualified technical support to a crew management package designed to relieve owners of the workload related to the manning of their vessels. Its crew management services are also highly sought after.

In order to provide qualified and motivated seafarers, Columbia maintains its own crewing offices in eight different countries worldwide and has appointed professional agents in a further four countries. The company also provides new building supervision. Due to its standing in the industry and the size of its new building projects, it is able to negotiate highly favourable material, equipment and sub-contractor arrangements for clients.

With over 30 years of experience in an industry that is heavily regulated by legal authorities and commercial associations, Columbia has developed a reputation for exceeding client expectations.

A big part of Columbia’s success is the hard work of its team, led by Dirk Fry, recent recipient of the Institute’s Lifetime Achievement award. He has long been concerned about the image of shipping to the outside world and the need for correct management techniques to ensure ships and their crews are properly trained and carry out the operation of ships in the correct manner.

As well as demanding that Columbia operates according to correct guidelines, Dirk Fry has looked to influence the wider shipping industry. Through his guidance, Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd was a forerunner in the promotion of Quality Assurance in Shipping, the company being represented on the committee that established the Quality Code, later to be adopted as the ISMA Code.

According to the ITM:

‚ÄúColumbia is committed to the environment, safety and the needs of its customers and manages to juggle all of its obligations with aplomb. With these values behind it, Columbia can only continue to advance its position ‚Äď the award of ‚ÄėInternational Ship Management Company 2012‚Äô is well deserved.‚ÄĚ