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We are a recognized accreditation body for the transportation industry. We cover all modes of transportation. We are a non-profit organization founded in 1977 in the UK. It was formed to help monitor the standards of the transport industry and take initiatives to improve the condition. We work along with the government, academic and regulatory bodies, to encourage professionalism in the area of transportation. We achieve this through various research and awareness programs.

We conduct research to improve the level of efficiency and safety of existing transportation systems through the use of data analysis and innovative monitoring systems.Our national surface transportation system experience high levels of delays and poor levels of safety. We take initiatives to identify strategies and technologies to improve system capacity and security.

We have highly skilled transportation system professionals who are continuously working hard to improve the transportation system, including land, sea, and air. In this magazine, you will learn about our advancements in the field and lots of interesting articles related to transportation and cars. Subscribe with us today to learn about the present condition of the transportation system.

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