The recent incidents of aircraft accidents raise questions about the safety of this transportation. Aircraft has been known as the safest transportation. But people now doubt this due to the frequent aircraft accidents. Here are the five common causes of aviation accidents.

1. Pilot error

About 50% of the plane crashes are due to pilot error. Controlling an aircraft involves complex mechanism. The pilot needs to engage with the aircraft at all the stages of the flight. There are many possibilities of error, like not programming the vital flight management computer (FMC) properly or not calculating the fuel uplift correctly.

2. Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure accounts for 20% of aircraft losses. Event though the design and manufacturing quality has improved over the years, the engines often suffer failures. New technologies also result in new kinds of failure.

3. Weather

10% of the aircraft losses happen due to bad weather. Though there are electronic aids like gyroscopic compasses, weather data uplinks, compasses, etc., aircraft accidents still happen. The pilots look at weather forecasts before flying, but still they get caught in unfortunate weather conditions, especially during long flights.

4. Other forms of human error

Human error is also a big reason for aircraft accidents. Mistakes made by the air controllers, fillers, dispatchers, maintenance engineers, and others can make catastrophic errors.

More attention must be given when checking aircraft for mechanical faults before take-off. The maintenance engineers check the aircraft thoroughly. The pilots must be experienced. A skilled and experienced pilot can save lots of lives even in difficult situations.


4 common causes of accidents involving aircraft

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