4 Key Differences Between Fulfillment And Transportation Companies

Lack of sufficient knowledge drives people to believe that fulfillment and transportation companies are the same. Even I would admit making errors in reference before I was assigned to write about this blog. I had ideas about these companies but never knew about their significant differences.

Initially, what I knew was that an order fulfillment company is any third-party individual or group who takes care of storage, packing, and sending out orders, while a transportation company is the one who takes care of shipping and handling, literally. Even as I work in B2B selling in the past, these things didn’t matter, until now.

If you happen to be on the same level of understanding, please continue reading. I’ve made a list of four key differences between these two companies.

1. Order Fulfillment Company

An order fulfillment firm takes care of processing customers orders from receiving inventory to shipping. When a business owner gets too busy with the development of his enterprise, he can opt to hire a third-party company that can take care of his customers’ orders on his behalf. While this can be very convenient on the entrepreneur’s part, there are still some things that he should remember.

Order fulfillment only starts from the receipt of inventory. Thus, it is still the business owner’s responsibility to send his supplies in bulk to the fulfillment center and to inform the company of any orders needing to be shipped.

2. Transportation Companies

Often regarded as freight companies refer to those businesses that specialize in the “forwarding” of products from one location to another, and have different departments or sections. However valuable transporting goods may be, it only serves a function in the whole order fulfillment process.

The primary goal of any transportation company is to deliver goods from point A to point B on time. For international shipments, a business owner can opt to have the customs clearance processed by his hired transportation company or through his preferred agent.

3. The Size Issue

The shipping industry often categorizes transportation companies as either TL or LTL. The term TL refers to a full truckload ranging between 7.62m and 15.24m long. To save up on these deliveries, a shipper must consume the whole truck space.

LTL refers to “less than truckload” which consists of relatively small cargo that does not fill up the entire delivery truck. SMEs who rely on LTL companies can save up money with shipping costs. Since a shipment only takes a few space on the delivery vehicle, the transportation company may share the truck between several shippers, which can lead to a longer wait time.

4. The Bigger Picture

Order fulfillment companies are the ones responsible for the satisfaction of any online seller’s customer base. While their jobs start with the receipt of a business owner’s inventory, they also serve multiple functions to tag an order complete.

They handle warehousing, packing, security, delivery, and at times, the refund process. E-commerce websites have extremely useful applications that allow integration between orders and fulfillment, which makes it easier for both the business owner and the centers to send the right package to the right receivers at the right time.

Taking advantage of these third-party companies are ideal for business people who have vast amounts of orders to be handled frequently. h While services are convenient and efficient, smaller firms may not benefit much cosidering the costs.

That concludes my comparison and contrast between transportation and order fulfillment companies. I hope this clarifies any misinformation about these terms we often interchange.

5 essential tips for finding the right fulfillment company for your supplement business


A fulfillment process includes warehousing, finding the item, packaging, and shipping. In the case of e-commerce stores, fulfillment process also includes maintaining online inventories, setting up new customer accounts and managing the customer database. Fulfillment can be handled in two ways. One option is to do it in-house, and the other option is to outsource the task. Contacting a fulfillment company is a better option if you have the budget. It will save you a lot of time, and you can concentrate on your core business. The fulfillment companies are experts in the operational tasks. So, your orders will be handled in a better and professional way. These companies use sophisticated software to form a warehousing management and distribution plan to fit the unique needs of the company.

The supplement business Is growing. There is increased demand for these products. If you can hold the right market, your supplement business will grow very fast. It may be difficult to handle the volume of orders yourself once the business is running well. So, finding a fulfillment company can help you to provide excellent service and health information to your customers. You need to find a good fulfillment company to handle your orders. Here are five important tips to find the right company for your supplement business.

Technological sophistication of the company

The technology used by the fulfillment company must be sophisticated enough to meet any changing needs, like a change in the process. You should make sure that the technology used by the company is the latest one used in this industry to meet the growing needs of customers. A company that invests in technology every year is a better option for you. This shows how dedicated they are in keeping themselves updated with new technologies. Before hiring a fulfillment company, you should ask about their technology budget that is used for developing innovative applications and customer oriented solutions. You should make sure that the company’s system integrates seamlessly with your system.

Capability to handle growth

You should look for companies whose operations are scalable and flexible. It is important that the fulfillment company handles your present business needs and also those that you may have in future. For example, if your business grows, the fulfillment company should be able to able to take on extra inventory immediately. If you think of reaching new markets, then the fulfillment company must be able to expand along with you as well. They should be able to provide flexible support services according to the needs of the clients.

Financial strength

You should find a fulfillment company who are strong financially. They should have enough fund for financing the operating costs, lease and capital investments. If a company is not in a good financial position, then it will concentrate on making themselves economically solvent, rather than focus on your business. A good fulfillment company will have the resources to invest in you.

Disaster prevention measures

If there are any disruptions in the supply chain, it will significantly affect your bottom line. There are risks of supply chain disruptions. The fulfillment company must have contingency plans to deal with it. You should find out their plans for disaster preparedness, labor shortages, etc.

Knowledge and experience

When choosing a fulfillment company, you must look at their depth of experience and knowledge in the field. There are times when you may need to make important decisions. So, you need talented people who know the business well. A group of talented people can help run the business smoothly and more efficiently. The company will be able to provide better customer service and process orders faster.

When you have a supplement company, the business process can be very complex. There are lots of steps that you need to do from taking orders to delivering the products. Getting into partnership with a fulfillment company is a wise decision if you have a growing business. They are experts in the field and will be able to handle the orders, storing, packaging and shipping solutions for your company. They even take care of the customer service. This gives you lot of time to focus on the core business operations. So, if you have a supplement business that is growing, find a good fulfillment company to help you.


4 useful navigational tips that will help you to sail across the ocean


It is a great experience enjoying the wind on your face on a big blue sea. It can be an exciting opportunity to spend time in the ocean with family and friends. The ship is also a way of transporting goods and taking people from one place to another. It is a less expensive option compared to air travel. Whatever the reason for your sailing is, here are some tips that can help you sail through the sea safely.

1. Listen to the weather forecast

It is important to know how the weather will be a day when you will set out for said. You should carry tools that will help you to be careful about the change of the climate.

2. Tell your friend or a family member about your navigation plan

You should share your navigational information with someone who will stay on land. You should mention the ship type, names, and numbers so that the person can take necessary steps in case of any accident or emergency help.

3. Emergency equipment

You should take emergency equipment on board with you. These include maps, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, etc.

4. Navigate safely

You must use the proper speed to navigate, especially when you are crossing shallow areas. You should be careful with buoys and other safety materials on the water.

It is always better to sail with in groups. It is important that you learn swimming so that you can stay safe in case of any accidents.

Top 4 safest cars in the world


The car designers are always concerned about the safety of the car. Whenever they come up with a new design, they also try to upgrade their safety features. Modern cars have safety systems tha twill protect you from collisions and other types of car accidents. Features like electronic stability programs (ESP), anti-clock brakes (ABS), ISOFIX child seat mounts, etc. are used included in many cars and provides good protection. European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) evaluates the majority of the car models that are sold in the UK and Europe. Euro NCAP assess every car on four key areas: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, safety assistance, and pedestrian protection. Here is a list of the safest cars in the world today.

Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon


It has the highest adult occupant protection score. Its side-impact protection is like by the testers. It scored well in child occupant category, pedestrian protection and safety assist categories as well. Its unique feature is it’s standard autonomous emergency braking(AEB) and lane-departure warning system.

Volvo XC90 SUV


It produced great results during side and front impacts. It scored very high in the adult occupant protection and child occupant protection areas. This car scored 100% on the assist safety section. It has very good AEB and lane-departure warning systems. There are seat belt reminders on all the seven seats.

New Volkswagen Tiguan SUV


It is a family friendly car with good scores in adult and child occupant scores. It performed well on the side and frontal impacts. Children who sit at the back of the car will be well protected. It also has the lane-departure warning systems and AEB. The car is very well-built inside and provides a decent driving experience.

Mercedes GLC SUV


It scored high in terms of adult occupancy and child occupancy. Its pedestrian protection score is high. The overall structural rigidity of this car is good. Its sleek interior has a unique appeal and provides a comfortable driving experience.

These cars are expensive but are the safest cars in the world. You should think of buying one of these cars.

4 common causes of accidents involving aircraft


The recent incidents of aircraft accidents raise questions about the safety of this transportation. Aircraft has been known as the safest transportation. But people now doubt this due to the frequent aircraft accidents. Here are the five common causes of aviation accidents.

1. Pilot error

About 50% of the plane crashes are due to pilot error. Controlling an aircraft involves complex mechanism. The pilot needs to engage with the aircraft at all the stages of the flight. There are many possibilities of error, like not programming the vital flight management computer (FMC) properly or not calculating the fuel uplift correctly.

2. Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure accounts for 20% of aircraft losses. Event though the design and manufacturing quality has improved over the years, the engines often suffer failures. New technologies also result in new kinds of failure.

3. Weather

10% of the aircraft losses happen due to bad weather. Though there are electronic aids like gyroscopic compasses, weather data uplinks, compasses, etc., aircraft accidents still happen. The pilots look at weather forecasts before flying, but still they get caught in unfortunate weather conditions, especially during long flights.

4. Other forms of human error

Human error is also a big reason for aircraft accidents. Mistakes made by the air controllers, fillers, dispatchers, maintenance engineers, and others can make catastrophic errors.

More attention must be given when checking aircraft for mechanical faults before take-off. The maintenance engineers check the aircraft thoroughly. The pilots must be experienced. A skilled and experienced pilot can save lots of lives even in difficult situations.


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